What Food is Connecticut Known for?

Connecticut food includes some unique-to-the-state cuisines and other dishes that can be found elsewhere in the United States but that have roots in Connecticut.

As New Englanders, Connecticut natives enjoy the regional specialties of apple cider, maple syrup, and ice cream. But the following dishes are distinctive.


A photo of Frank Pepe's Clam Pizza, an Apizza. Undoubtably, this is a Connecticut food it's known for.
Frank Pepe’s Clam Pizza, Photo Credit: Francis Rosselli / Creative Commons

You’ve heard of New York style and Chicago deep dish but have you heard of Apizza? Consisting of a charred thin crust made in a coal-fired oven, this pizza has its roots in New Haven and is definitely a food Connecticut is known for. Frank Pepe’s was the first to introduce Apizza in 1925, followed by neighboring New Haven establishments, Modern Apizza and Sally’s Apizza. All three restaurants are still serving this cuisine today. 

Ice Cream

a photo of someone holding an ice cream cone with dark pink ice cream. This is a Connecticut food it's known for.

Another food that Connecticut is known for is ice cream. The state has more than 85 dairy farms, which contribute to its love of the cold and creamy dessert. You’ll find numerous dairy bars throughout the state, including one on the campus of The University of Connecticut. Some of the more popular bars with multiple locations include Arethusa Farm Dairy, Ashley’s Ice Cream, and Milkcraft.

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Three hamburgers. Hamburgers were first created in Connecticut

Now commonly thought of as American cuisine, the hamburger originated in a tiny diner in New Haven called Louis’ Lunch. While other restaurants have claimed to have invented the iconic dish, Louis’ Lunch is the only one recognized by the Library of Congress. The story goes that in 1900 a customer demanded a quick lunch to go. The owner, Louis Lassen, took some steak and put it between two pieces of toast, and the hamburger was born.

Not only is Connecticut the birthplace of the hamburger, but it’s also home to a few unusual interpretations. Steamed hamburgers – ground beef that’s steamed instead of grilled – can be found at Ted’s Restaurant in Meridan and Jack’s Lunch in Middletown. And the Fried Cheeseburger, which consists of pan-fried American cheese “wings” is served at Shady Glen in Manchester. 

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Lobster Rolls

A lobster roll. A Connecticut food it's known for.

While Maine is the state most people associate with lobster rolls, the dish was invented during the 1920s at the Milford, Connecticut restaurant Perry’s. It’s believed that the owner, Perry, conceived of the sandwich when a salesman mentioned he’d like a “hot grilled lobster sandwich” that he could take with him on the road. After that initial request, Perry worked to perfect the dish, trying out different types of breads and buns. It wasn’t until the 1950s that more restaurants began serving lobster rolls, and it soon became a popular staple along the eastern seaboard in the 1970s. 

Subway Sandwiches

A subway sandwich

While not the first restaurant to serve submarine sandwiches, Subway restaurants got their start in 1965 in Bridgeport. Today, Subway is the largest fast-food chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. These popular cold-cut sandwiches served on half and foot-long buns can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. 

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