Middle Covered Bridge: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

The entrance to the Middle Covered Bridge in Woodstock Vermont

Quick Overview of Middle Covered Bridge:

Location: Woodstock, Vermont

How to find it: From Woodstock’s Village Green, cross Route 4, walk away from the Woodstock Inn, and toward Mountain Ave. The bridge is just steps away on this street.

When it was built: 1969

What it’s known for: This was the first bridge built in Vermont since 1889.

Who/what can travel it: Both cars and pedestrians can traverse the bridge.

Middle Covered Bridge, spanning Ottaquechee River, undoubtedly adds to the charm of one of Vermont’s most visited villages, Woodstock. It’s conveniently located for tourists – only steps away from the Village Green and the iconic Woodstock Inn.

This bridge is perhaps the most photographed in Woodstock, given its proximity to downtown, traditional character, and picturesque setting.

Built in 1969 to replace an 1877 iron bridge, Middle Covered Bridge is the second newest wooden covered bridge in the state. When Milton S. Graton and his sons built it, it was the first covered bridge erected in Vermont in 80 years.

Interestingly, instead of being built in place, Middle Covered Bridge was constructed near the river crossing. In July 1969, when construction was complete, a team of oxen pulled the structure across the river.

The side of the Middle Covered Bridge

Despite its youth, Middle Covered Bridge carries the charm of its older siblings. That’s because it was constructed in the traditional Town lattice truss style and was built using traditional methods. For example, wooden pegs were used in place of modern nails.

Although most of the bridge’s exterior is stained wood, one entrance has been painted light gray.

Visitors to the bridge can experience it on foot from both the outside and inside. Middle Covered Bridge features an area for cars and also a pedestrian walkway. And the bridge has a view of Mount Tom in the distance.

In 1974, Middle Covered Bridge suffered damage from an arsonists’ fire but was soon restored by the original builder, Milton S. Graton.

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