The Best (and Most Unique!) Stores on Newbury Street in Boston

Newbury Street in Boston combines great shopping, good eating, and plenty of people-watching! Located in the heart of the Back Bay, it’s a must-see destination when visiting the city.

Newbury Street Boston

Newbury Street is the shopping mecca of Boston and a trip to the city isn’t complete without a stroll.

Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes as well as a few salons – and enjoy plenty of great people watching. Bostonians love to wander Newbury Street on the weekends, especially when the weather is warm and sunny.

Newbury Street extends from Massachusetts Avenue (locals call it “Mass. Ave.”) up to the Boston Gardens. It’s at this end where you’ll find more high-end stores, like Bvlgari, Chanel, and Valentino.

Additional shopping and restaurants are on Boylston, a street that runs parallel to Newbury. And within the Prudential Center, a mall with an entrance on Boylston Street.

INSIDER’S TIP: It’s easy to get lost in a sea of red brick on Newbury Street but looking at the side street names can help. These streets are alphabetical with “A”, Arlington Street, running parallel to the Boston Gardens, ending with “H”, Hereford Street, just before Mass. Ave. If, for example, you want to head toward Boston Garden and the Commons but aren’t entirely sure which way to walk, look at the first letter of the side street you’re near, and head in the direction of “A”.

There are literally hundreds of stores along Newbury Street making it difficult to find the hidden gems – so we’re here to help!

Alice + Olivia

Alice and Olivia on Newbury Street Boston

Near the middle of Newbury Street, between Dartmouth and Exeter streets, you’ll find Alice + Olivia, a contemporary high-end women’s clothing store.

While this store isn’t unique to Boston or Newbury Street, it’s a gem among women’s clothing brands. Alice + Olivia is known for its playful, feminine aesthetic incorporating bold prints, vibrant colors, and unique textures.

Better yet, Alice + Olivia also uses eco-friendly fabrics and production methods, and partners with organizations that support environmental causes. (166 Newbury Street)

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Revolve Consignment Boutique

Revolve Consignment Boutique

If your fashion budget is a little tight, but you’re still eager for high-end, high-quality items, Revolve Consignment Boutique, is the place you’ll want to visit next.

Walking into the store it’s hard to tell that it’s consignment. Every top, shirt, jeans, handbag, and shoe is hand-selected for its condition, quality, and style.

While you’ll be sure to pay less than retail here, you’ll still pay a pretty penny for high-end fashion brands. (262 Newbury Street)


Gorjana jewelry store

While most jewelry stores tend to either fall between being high-end or cheap, Gorjana has managed to find a nice middle ground.

Inside its Newbury Street store, located between Exeter and Fairfield Streets, you’ll find minimalist and versatile pieces that can be worn daily and that are perfect for layering and creating a personalized look.

There’s a style here that suits just about anyone’s taste and is affordable to boot. (209 Newbury Street)


One of the more unique stores along Newbury Street is Reiwatakiya, a retailer that carries a wide range of Japanese products focusing on beauty and food.

As you enter the store, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in all things Japanese including Hi-Chews candy and Pokemon beauty face masks.

This is one of only four Reiwatakiya locations in the U.S. (330 Newbury Street)

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For a truly unique shopping experience be sure to stop in topdrawer.

The offerings in this store are eclectic but tend to focus on well-crafted and unique household and personal items such as pens, slippers, eyewear, paper, and bags.

It’s the perfect store to peruse and find a gift. You may even find something special for yourself. (273 Newbury Street)

Trident Booksellers & Cafe

The outside and inside of Trident Booksellers & Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston

One of the best stops along Newbury Street is Trident Booksellers & Cafe.

Here you can mix lunch with book browsing in a cozy but active shop. Trident has been on Newbury Street in Boston since 1984 so it’s practically an institution in Boston.

And in addition to a great selection of food and coffee, you’ll also find the great book selections you’d expect from an independent bookseller. (338 Newbury Street)


Allbirds on Newbury Street Boston

Allbirds is a fairly well-known brand nationally, but most think of it as an online retailer and aren’t aware of its physical shops.

If you’re a fan of comfortable shoes that use sustainable and eco-friendly materials you’ll want to make a stop here.

Allbirds is most well-known for creating sneakers from wool and eucalyptus tree fiber. (205 Newbury Street)

Life Alive Organic Cafe

While technically not on Newbury Street, Life Alive Cafe is a unique local chain that features incredibly flavorful and unique dishes.

It features breakfasts, grain bowls, ramen, and salads that combine organic ingredients and flavors in ways no one else has. You’ll also find delicious smoothies and coffees here.

Even the most veggie-adverse eater will likely fall in love with healthy eating after trying Life Alive’s dishes. (431 Boylston Street)

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