Top 6 Best Things to Do in Quechee Vermont

While there are many things to do in Quechee VT, the top attractions make this quaint village worth a stop. Here, you’ll find a majestic gorge, a glassblowing factory, and outdoor activities galore.

A view of the waterfall in Quechee VT

Quechee is a cute village nestled between Woodstock, Vermont, to the west and Hanover, New Hampshire, to the east. It’s actually a part of the town of Hartford, although most think of Quechee as it’s own municipality.

While there isn’t a long list of things to do in Quechee VT, the highlights make it worth a stop or day trip. You’ll find an impressive geological vista to mesmerizing glassblowing to spending time in nature here.

So, without further ado, here are the best things to do in Quechee VT.

Behold the Quechee Gorge

A view of the Quechee Gorge and the Route 4 bridge - seeing the gorge is among the best things to do in Quechee VT

One of the best things to do in Quechee VT, is to see its awe-inspiring gorge. Named the “Grand Canyon of New England”, the Quechee Gorge is 165 feet deep and is the deepest gorge in Vermont. 

Throughout the year, but especially in the summer, visitors gather along the Quechee Gorge Bridge for the best vantage point of the Ottauquechee River that runs through this deep chasm.

Most visitors park their cars along Route 4 or at the Quechee State Park and from there, walk to the bridge. Parking is also available for customers of the Quechee Gorge Gifts & Sportswear.

Visit the Simon Pearce flagship store and see glassblowing

A man blowing glass at the Simon Pearce flagship store in Quechee VT
Photo credit: Kerry Flatley

The second best thing to do in Quechee VT is to visit the Simon Pearce flagship store in the village center.

While it appears to be simply a retail store, the Simon Pearce flagship store is so much more. It’s in this location that the company’s exquisite handmade glass and pottery are produced, and visitors can witness the mesmerizing art of glassblowing on the building’s lower level.

While you’re down at the lower level, be sure to walk through to a balcony with fantastic views of the running river, a waterfall, and the Quechee Covered Bridge in the distance.

Back on the main level, you’ll also find a fine dining restaurant serving lunch and dinner Wednesday through Sunday. Reservations are recommended, as tables fill up quickly. (1760 Quechee Main Street)

Visit the Vermont Institute of Natural Science

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) Nature Center is an excellent place for families and nature enthusiasts to visit. This educational facility provides an immersive experience for visitors interested in the wonders of the natural world.

Upon arrival, guests can explore the diverse exhibits showcasing the region’s rich biodiversity, featuring live raptors, interactive displays, and informative presentations. One of the highlights is the opportunity to witness live bird of prey demonstrations, where expert handlers showcase the incredible abilities of these majestic creatures.

Visitors can also participate in guided nature walks through the institute’s scenic trails.

The Nature Center is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM. Check the VINS website for up-to-date admissions prices. Special pricing is available for select groups. (149 Natures Way)

Visit the Quechee Covered Bridge

A side view of the Quechee Covered Bridge - among the best things to do in Quechee VY

A notable landmark in Quechee Village is the covered bridge.

Initially built in 1970 and reconstructed in 2012 after extensive damage caused by Hurricane Irene, the Quechee Covered Bridge spans the Ottauquechee River and serves as a welcome village entrance.

One fun thing to do is to walk across the pedestrian portion of the bridge. From here, you can take in views of the lively waterfall below. Simon Pearce is to the right of the waterfall, nestled along the shore.

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Hit the slopes at Ski Quechee

A fun thing to do in Quechee in the winter is to hit the slopes at Ski Quechee.

This small slope is a quick three-minute ride from Quechee Village. And while it may not have the excitement of a grand ski resort, the 13 trails at Ski Quechee are an excellent option for families and beginner skiers.

Check the website for hours of operation and daily passes. Children six years old and under ski for free. (3268 Quechee Main Street)

Check out the Quechee Gorge Village

The front of the Quechee Gorge Village
Photo credit: lori05871 / Creative Commons

Not far from the famed gorge is Quechee Gorge Village. This shopping destination features local crafts, antiques, and galleries. You’ll find everything from local food, jewelry, decor, clothing, and antiques here.

The Quechee Gorge Village is about one mile east down Route 4 from the Quechee Gorge.

Explore Quechee State Park

If you’re interested in a more intimate and up-close view of the Quechee Gorge or want to spend more time in nature, explore the Quechee State Park.

Located along Route 4, this park offers hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities. (5800 Woodstock Road)

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