Top 5 Best Things to Do in New Haven Connecticut

Top 5 Best Things to Do in New Haven Connecticut

#1 - Stroll through Yale University’s Old Campus

Yale’s campus is considered to be among “the most beautiful in the world” with its gothic architecture and charming courtyards.

#2 - Grab some apizza

Apizza is the type of pizza New Haven is known for. And while you’re visiting you’ll definitely want to try some.

#3 - Visit the Yale University Art Gallery

This gallery contains more than 200,000 objects including African art, Asian art, early European art, American art, and modern and contemporary art.

#4 - Explore East Rock Park

This 425-acre park is popular among locals as it offers fantastic views of the city, Yale University, Long Island Sound, and the New Haven harbor.

#5 - Visit Lighthouse Point Park and its antique carousel

Here you'll find a beach, a splash play area, a playground, a fishing pier, an antique carousel, and walking trails.

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