22 Boston Slang Words You Need to Know Before Visiting

Knowing these twenty-two Boston slang words will make it easier for you to speak to locals and navigate the city.

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So you’ve booked your trip to Boston, but have you familiarized yourself with the language?

Sure, Bostonians speak American English (for the most part), but there are a number of slang words Bostonians use that are unfamiliar to visitors.

Most of these words are simply shortened versions of real words or names. But a few words are unique to the area or are rooted in the region’s early English settlers.

Note too that many Bostonians pronounce these words with a Boston accent which can further add to a visitor’s confusion.

Here’s a list of some of the most common Boston slang words you’ll potentially hear during your visit:

  • “Wicked” – Bostonians use this word to replace “really” or “very”, as in “That’s wicked cool!”
  • “The T” – the MBTA, Boston’s public transportation system but more specifically Boston’s subway
  • “The train” – the MBTA’s commuter rail
  • “The Cape” – Cape Cod
  • “The Common” – The Boston Common
  • “Fenway” – typically the Boston Red Sox Fenway Park, but also refers to the neighborhood
  • “The Pike” or The Mass Pike” – the Massachusetts Turnpike
  • “Bubbler” – what New Englanders call a water fountain
  • “Carriage” – a cart used to shop for groceries
  • “Grinder” – a submarine sandwich
  • “Frappe” – a milkshake
  • “Cellar” – the basement of a house
  • “The Charles” – the Charles River; the river that separates Boston and Cambridge
  • “The Garden” – TD Garden, where the Bruins and Celtics play
  • “Comm Ave” – Commonwealth Ave in Boston
  • “Dunks” – Dunkin’ Donuts
  • “Southie” – someone who lives in the Boston neighborhood of South Boston
  • “The Hub” – a nickname for Boston (just don’t say Beantown)
  • “Jimmies” – chocolate sprinkles for ice cream
  • “Regular” – a coffee with cream and sugar, most likely ordered at Dunks
  • “Nor’easter” – a wicked fierce winter storm
  • “Pissa” – a word that replaces awesome
  • “The Pru” – the Prudential Center in Boston
  • “Rotary” – a roundabout that connects numerous roads
  • “Triple Decker” – a three-floor apartment building
  • “Townie” – a city native who still lives in the neighborhood they grew up in

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