4 Charming Covered Bridges in Woodstock Vermont

Vermont is known for its picture-perfect covered bridges, and Woodstock, in particular, has several of them.

There are four covered bridges in Woodstock VT – each with its unique personality and history. While three are within the town, one is just a few minutes drive away.

Starting in the east, not far from Route 4, Quechee Covered Bridge is in the neighboring town of Quechee and serves as an entrance to the town with a gorgeous view of the town’s waterfall on the left.

Next, going west along Route 4 is the Taftsville Covered Bridge, perhaps one of the best-known covered bridges in Vermont with its vibrant red color that spans the Ottauquechee River.

Within the center of Woodstock, also along Route 4, is Middle Covered Bridge. While built in 1969, it is the youngest, Middle Bridge still exudes traditional charm.

Finally, the Lincoln Covered Bridge is the westernmost bridge, connecting Route 4, Bridges Road, and Fletcher Hill Road.

Visiting at least a few of the covered bridges in Woodstock VT is worth it during a visit! The following provides additional history and insights into these bridges.

Taftsville Covered Bridge

Taftsville Covered Bridge

Just an eight-minute drive from downtown Woodstock, the Taftsville Covered Bridge stands as one of the oldest in the nation, built in 1836.

Spanning the Ottauquechee River, this wooden landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is vehicle- and pedestrian-friendly. It stretches 189 feet and reflects a craftsman tradition influenced by Swiss designs.

Originally constructed after a series of floods washed away its predecessors, the bridge faced further challenges during Hurricane Irene in 2011. Fortunately, Taftsville Bridge was skillfully restored and reopened in September 2013.

During the fall foliage season, the red exterior of Taftsville Covered Bridge creates a picturesque scene, making it a must-visit for tourists and photographers alike.

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Middle Covered Bridge

Middle Covered Bridge - one of the covered bridges in Woodstock VT

Nestled steps away from Woodstock’s Village Green is Middle Covered Bridge, spanning the Ottaquechee River.

Constructed in 1969 by Milton S. Graton and his sons, this bridge replaced an 1877 iron structure, becoming the state’s second newest wooden covered bridge.

Despite its youth, Middle Covered Bridge exudes traditional character, employing the Town lattice truss style and traditional construction methods, including wooden pegs instead of nails.

Visitors can explore the inside and outside, appreciating the bridge’s timeless appeal and its unique history of being pulled across the river by oxen after construction.

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Quechee Covered Bridge

Quechee Covered Bridge

In the charming village of Quechee, the Quechee Covered Bridge stands as a picturesque gem, adding to the area’s allure.

Spanning the Ottauquechee River, this historic bridge is an entrance to the town, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to cross.

Built in 1970 to replace a structure damaged by Tropical Storm Irene, it blends modern resilience with traditional charm.

Tourists often enjoy a leisurely stroll across the bridge. Looking out from the pedestrian walk, one can take in the scenic beauty of the waterfall and river below. Also in the distance is the Simon Pearce flagship, a renowned glass-blowing and pottery store.

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Lincoln Covered Bridge

Lincoln Covered Bridge

The Lincoln Covered Bridge was built in 1877 by R.W. Pinney and B.H. Pinney as a way to cross the Ottauquechee River from Route 4 to Bridges Road and Fletcher Hill Road.

This one-lane structure is 136 feet long and the only surviving wooden example of the Pratt truss design. This design was later commonly used for steel bridges.

An update in 1989 strengthened the structure and included the addition of skylights to the metal roof. Made of translucent corrugated polyvinyl material, these skylights allow natural light into the otherwise dark interior.

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